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Dog training programs aren’t just about correcting problems or reducing aggression. They’re the best way to build a trusting relationship with your canine companion.
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Programs to Meet your Needs

The staff at The Carolinas’ Dog Trainer takes our work seriously. Each of our dog training programs is designed to help your dog develop skills that will lead to a happy, healthy life. From intensive board and train programs to puppy boot camps, we help dogs at all ages and stages of life.
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Dog Training Programs

Every Dog is Different

So is every dog’s need for obedience and training. The Carolinas’ Dog Trainer offers a number of different programs to suit your preferences and budget. Here’s a brief overview of our offerings. Please call to learn more about which program may be best for your dog.


Programs to Meet Your Needs


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Board & Train

Our most comprehensive dog training program, board and train is an immersive experience for your dog. The typical stay is 21 days and includes progressive training in basic manners and obedience. Human interaction is a vital part of the process; your dog will interact with our family, not be stuck in a kennel. Vaccinations are required and the fee does not include the cost of training equipment (required).
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Private Lessons

Private dog training lessons are available for more specialized needs. Will you be bringing home a baby soon? We can help your dog make the adjustment! Other common issues that we can address through private lessons include leadership modification, non-remote collar problem solving, and behavior consultations.
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Are you making strides with training your dog but have a few areas where you could use a little help? Call to talk with us about what’s going on and to schedule a 2.5 hour session with our dog trainer.
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Dog Boarding for Client

If your puppy or dog has gone through training with us, we’ll board them if you’ll be away from home. Please note: We do not accept dogs for boarding that have not completed a training program with us.
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Puppy Boot Camp

If you’ve got a new puppy in the family, we’ve got a way to get them off to a great start! Our puppy boot camp introduces basic obedience concepts as well as housebreaking, leash walking, socialization, and other common skills.
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